System Requirements 2

The web’s largest system requirements archive

Sreqs was established to provide a free access database of system requirements for games and software. The website has existed previously under other aliases on social media (twitter, facebook, reddit, youtube etc.) and websites.


How do you get data for the system requirements you list?

Most of the data of system requirements listed on our websites are given by the game or software publishers which are shared freely for access on platforms such as: Steam, Google Play Store, App Store, or even retail stores such as Amazon. In cases where no system requirements are given by the developers/publishers, we have a team which tests the game/software on the required platform to determine the minimum and recommeded requirements.


What is your vision for the future of this website?

As a team, we are working towards creating a database of all games and software released on every platform. It is a difficult task, but we are getting there there. Another priority of ours is introducing mutiple languages to our website.